Welcome to a world where time seems to have stood still. In this world there are kings in power and they live in very large castles. But appearances are deceptive …

The people who live here are certainly not idiots and are completely up to date. There is only one problem. The kings are not pleased with all these annoying residents with their selfies, vlogs and blogs. Or their Christmas shopping in September or their calls in public with the telephone on speaker.

Thanks to these annoying people, there are many laws and restrictions set by all kings. These inhabitants must be banned from the kingdom! How? Simple, by sending them to the other kingdoms. Where else?

However, there is a problem. There is another law dating from the year 571 that was introduced by an ancestor of Lazy Lippin, who at the time ruled the land. This law states that only one thing can be done at a time, otherwise everyone gets tired to quickly.

But the kings wouldn’t be their filthy selves if they did everything in their power to avoid this law. Unfortunately, all kings are keeping an eye on each other to make sure everything
goes according to plan. Or else…

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