Frequently Asked Questions2019-11-13T10:01:39+01:00

Freuqently Asked Questions

Does the game come in other languages?2019-11-13T10:00:23+01:00

On first sight, we are planning to make the game in English only. For other languages, it depends on how successful the Kickstarter campaign will be.

If I combine the original game(s) and the expansion(s), will I ever be able to separate them again?2019-11-25T11:36:53+01:00

Yes! Although the backs of the cards are identical, the faces of the cards have an indicator in the bottom left indicating the expansions for re-separating the decks.

What size are the cards?2019-11-13T09:59:15+01:00

The cards will be 2.5 inches by 3.5 inches printed in high quality at LongPack Games.

How long does it take to learn and play?2019-11-13T09:59:02+01:00

Filthy Kings is easy to learn but hard to master! Learning the game  will take only 10 minutes. When you play, each round lasts between 20 and 40 minutes.

What is the age range?2019-11-13T09:58:34+01:00

Filthy Kings is for everyone who is 12 years or older! #nohardfeelings

How many players does the game support?2019-11-13T09:58:17+01:00

One of the standard games can be played from 3 to 5 players. There are two versions. If you combine both you can play up to 10 players!

How can I buy Filthy Kings?2019-11-13T09:57:01+01:00

Unfortunately, Filthy Kings is not for sale yet. Sign up for our newsletter and get notified when you can pledge on Kickstarter and receive the game when the campaign is successful!