As you can see on the map right now, we’ve stranded on Aloof Isle, where every citizen obeys the rules of Alene

Alene has shared a bed with several of the other Kings over the years. Fat Folcard and Alene had a son together, named Baby Gaga. But he couldn’t cope with all the arguing between his parents, so he ran away and ended up ruling his own Kingdom.

During the good years, Alene and Fat Folcard also had a dog whom they named Pugger. Pugger also grew sick of their constant arguing, so he too founded his own Kingdom. That was fine by Alene, as she had grown to detest the little beast!

Alene has long since left Fat Folcard and has been on her own for years. Her loneliness has turned her bitter, and she is known to be arrogant and grumpy most of the time. However, she has ruled her Kingdom successfully and now has her sights set on becoming supreme ruler of all the Filthy Kingdoms!

Let’s go to Futuristica!